Casino City's iGaming Pocket Directory - 2014 Edition

1840 E Sahara Ave, Suite 205 Las Vegas, Nv 89104 702.388.8088 rapid tote EPOS is the solution you’ve been waiting for offerin g exceptional management functionality and featuring over f ty fully customizable utilities. Our account wagering back end is internet, smartphone and tablet enabled and easily connecte d by internetTCP/IP to remote EPOSwagering terminals. rapidto te now offers an account based wagering system for both spor ts and racing, eliminating the need to have different accounts f or different wagering activities. With complete bookmaking back end with interfaces to U S Pari-mutuel hubs you can bet right up to post! rapid tote mak es it possible for your customers to bet on just about anythin g (sports, horse and dog racing) from pretty much anywhe re (online, by phone, at a self service kiosk, at a teller). The robu st rapid tote bookmaking module tracks every bet in real tim e, supplying you with the exact amount of your system-wid e exposure at any givenmoment. rapid tote elegant Electronic Point-of-Sale suite packs a powerful and complete traditional cash wagering system as well as an account based option into one economical easy to maintain touch screen terminal. Hubbed into both the US Pari-mutuel pools and its own sports bookmaking back end, rapid tote EPOS is a exible, scalable, real time wagering platform that gives you an edge over your competition in the uid and constantly shifting land based wagering environment.