Casino City's iGaming Pocket Directory - 2015 Edition

99 Sponsored by Visit for more information. ASIA ASIA The Asian market is the holy grail of online gaming. Vast swaths of discretionary income. Cultures with gambling roots. And tech savvy. Smartphone market penetration, for example, is extremely high in Asia. Singapore has a world-leading 85 percent adoption rate, according to a 2014 report released by Google. The smartphone adoption rate in China is 70 percent. In Hong Kong, it’s 74 percent and in South Korea it’s 80 percent. By comparison, the smartphone adoption rate in the US is just 57 percent. Macau reported $45 billion in brick-and-mortar gambling revenue in 2013, making it about nine times bigger than the Las Vegas market. As of press time, final revenue numbers for Macau hadn’t been gathered. But it’s expected that the final figures will show Macau’s gaming revenue dipped 2 percent in 2014. Even with the 2 percent dip, Macau is the world’s largest casino market by a wide margin. In 2013, Singapore generated just over $6 billion in revenue. And as January 2015, Japan was actively considering building brick-and-mortar casinos. It’s no wonder the online gaming industry is eager to tap into the Asian market. Much like last year, the key challenges facing operators in the Asian market are regulatory uncertainty and payment processing. Much of the Asian market tends to be cash-based when it comes to commerce. As a result, moving money in and out of online gaming accounts is a hurdle to overcome.