Casino City's iGaming Pocket Directory - 2022 Edition

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingered into 2021, consumers pushed forward with their “new normal” as staying at home remained standard practice for many. That being said, some markets did enjoy lesser constrictions. All told, mobile devices, which have grown tremendously in influence for the last two decades, became even more significant in people’s lives. Mobile devices serve as a connection to the outside world as a primary tool for education, employment, and entertainment among many others. While the pandemic easing up in areas resulted in a 1.4% drop in mobile game adoption in H1 of 2021 compared to H1 2020, consumer spending was up 17.9% to $44.7 billion, per Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates. Amidst the pandemic, Newzoo projects that consumer spending on games will grow to $218.7 billion by 2024, as population increases, technological advances and swifter internet speeds help build the industry up. Within that market, the overall social gaming market was estimated to be $16.7 billion of revenue in 2020 and set to reach $31.6 billion by 2027, per a BlueWave Consulting study. The broadening reach of social media has bolstered the gaming market, with cooperative aspects, chat rooms and more, aiding its growth. Over 70% of the 100 casinos surveyed reported that they plan to integrate skill-based games in the future, according to a survey by Synergy Blue. They also found that 67% of respondents cited appealing to a younger generation of gambler as their aim with skill games, which tend to be more immersive. The top grossing mobile game for H1 2021 was Honor of Kings, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. But slot-style games remain popular, with items such as Moon Active’s Coin Master still in the top five per Sensor Tower. Games Industry Overview 30 Sponsored by Casino City’s iGaming Pocket Directory games