Casino City's iGaming Pocket Directory - 2022 Edition

Associations Gambling PortalWebmasters Association (GPWA) The GPWA is the premier association of online gambling affiliates. It provides the leading networking venue for affiliates and affiliate programs, reports the latest industry news, and works to help ethical affiliates and affiliate programs succeed. With more than 600,000 posts, the GPWA’s forum is more active than any other online gaming affiliate community. Here you’ll find seasoned, rookie and aspiring webmasters interacting and sharing information. AnthonyTelesca Program Director 33 Needham Street Newton, MA 02461 USA Tel:+1.617.332.2650 x138 Association of Players, Casinos &Webmasters (APCW) The APCW is a place where Players, Webmasters, Affiliate Managers, and Casino Programs fight for trust, honesty and integrity in the online gaming industry. We are known for our affiliate program audits and for our awardwinning no-holds-barred Perspectives Weekly videos with the latest online gaming industry news. Maria Florides Program Manager 33 Needham Street Newton, MA 02461 USA Tel:+1.617.332.2650 x126