Casino City's iGaming Pocket Directory - 2023 Edition

first full year of legal sports betting New York set an all-time annual handle record of $16.2 billion, smashing the previous yearly high of $10.9 billion set by New Jersey in 2021. Mobile accessibility for sports wagering is a critical piece of infrastructure for betting, with advancements in geofencing and regulation protocol helping ensure consumer safety outside the casino. As the market continues to mature and technological advances are made, the convenience of a sportsbook in one’s hand will solidify its standing. Conveniently making bets in one’s hand mirrors the increasing trend of inplay wagering. The European Gaming and Betting Association reported that 55% of the sports betting wagers were on in-play, as did Spain (55.92%). The in-play wager isn’t quite as popular in the U.S., but it’s beginning to gain traction and many estimate it could mirror the European market and rise above 70% by 2024. Meanwhile, esports is blossoming into a mature industry through increasing awareness, viewership, platforms and more. Global gaming revenue continues to grow as gamblers shifted spend away from the traditional betting areas due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on live sports. The optimistic numbers are surely boosted by the Nevada Gaming Control Board issuing a notice of approval permitting sportsbooks to offer wagers on esports events. According to EarthWeb, it’s estimated that eSports will be worth about $1.62 billion by 2024. Nearly 150 countries have players who earn money from participating in esports games, with the U.S. leading the way with 19,469 players making $169.1 million. China is second with 4,839 players making $128.3 million. By 2023, annual combined prize pools for esports tournaments are predicted to exceed $500 million. Any fears regarding the fantasy sports market shrinking as legalized sports betting grew in the U.S. have quieted. The product is evolving with singlegame DFS, blending traditional sports betting with fantasy sport formats. As for the debate about the crossover between fantasy sports players and sports bettors, the jury is still out. However, the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association reported that 79% of fantasy players said there was “at least a good possibility” they would bet on sports if and when a bill is passed to legalize it in their state. Fears that one might cannibalize the other appear quashed, while the converse proves true. These complementary industries may feed off each other and help the global fantasy sports market reach the $38.6 billion estimate at the end of 2025 that was reported in 2021. With the sports betting world orbiting events, pinpointing revenue opportunities becomes easier for operators, affiliate programs and affiliates. Dates for sporting events are often set over a year in advance, which leaves ample time to strategize and implement plans tailored to each one. 61 Sponsored by Visit for more information. SPORTS BETTING