Casino City's iGaming Pocket Directory - 2023 Edition

67 Sponsored by Visit for more information. SPORTS BETTING 3 3 We are a platform of B2B and B2C service providers, currently we operate under Romanian B2B license, in South America we operate under Curacao license, we also have Maltese license and we are ready to announce the launch of Mondogaming on Italian market as ADM service provider ! Over time we have made several changes to our software and will soon launch a new version of the most innovative, technological software, with advanced safety systems for operators, there will be more control over risk management, there will be a turnkey solution, it will always be We can produce our white labels according to customer's needs and requests. MAIN FEATURES Multicurrency and multilingual are available for both the frontend and the admin panel to make things easier for different types of customers. The integrated cryptocurrency deposit service is active! Our customers can take full control of their networks with a variety of on-device tools such as: game parameters, transfer limits, network customization permissions, detailed service reports, cascading system inheritance and much more. Our new project is active, it is a swap bio portal called MONDOCOIN, let's start with our Stablecoin called "USDMD" it will be mainly used in the gaming sector and it will be possible to exchange it with other cryptocurrencies through our portal; Both investors and players can use our portal to trade and deposit money. We have a PSP license which allows investors to receive and make transfers from their Mondocoin account just like a bank.